No incoming emails from answered

I have configured my office 365 email domain on erpnext, created an email account and I can successfully send mail to a recipient.
If the recipient replies back to the email sent by the erpnext, then the email does not go either on my erpnext server, nor on my mail server.

I checked the reply back address and it is the correct one.

Am I doing something wrong or is it that email on erpnext is not working properly with office 365 mail?

Very recently, Microsoft disabled basic authentication for MS 365 Exchange Online, including IMAP and POP3.

This change prevents the ERPNext Inbox feature from working with MS 365, until it’s upgraded to support Microsoft’s new requirements.

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I have enabled the basic authentication from the azure panel.
I can send mail but I cannot receive.
I do not think it is the same problem.