No Item With Barcode


I’m trying to submit delivery note but it keeps coming up with an error saying that “No Item with Barcode 0088985332922”. I’ve tried updating the barcode with the extra zero but it doesn’t fix anything. Are you able to look into this for me? I’ve attached a screenshot of the error message.


it seems Item’s barcode has been changed after the delivery note is created, please check the item’s barcode of the DN items.

Thanks, Makarand

Thanks Makarand

The items on the DN don’t display their barcode so there’s no way to check.
The only information I have is the item code. I also don’t know how I’d figure out if the item’s barcode has changed since the delivery note was created.
The item card in ERP just shows the date that the item was last edited. Unless you know of a way I could figure this out?

unhide the barcode field from the Delivery Note Item using customize form.

Hi Makarand

I have unchecked the ‘hidden’ through customise and it appears that barcode is same as before and error too.

Could you be able to clarify what involves next?

What version are you running? Looks pretty old to me. You may want to update.