No Journal Entry for Payroll Process

It’s difficult to identify you issues, kindly grant privileges to all the users in mysql and check again. Don’t use the sudo while restoring the database.

@rohit_w I granted root privileges to the user ubuntu user in mysql but it still would not give full permission to write to the database. at this point i am out of options. The only route left for me now is to create an entirely new instance. The only consolation is that not much by way of transactions have been carried out on the existing instance. The guides don’t mention how to create a frappe user because it seems from the trail above, ubuntu user doesn’t help much.

I processed payroll and submitted payslips but there is no journal entry for the payroll components. I have selected the default payable account also the salary component with the default Expense account but still the payroll transactions are not reflecting plus this message is always popping up : Row 2 Party type and party is required for Receivable/ Payable account Salaries and Payrolls.

Could you please advise am i missing step or mixing accounts.

Thanks for your support.

Seems you have set the receivable account(Account type as Receivable) instead of liability account in the Default Payroll Payable Account on the company master.

@rohit_w No I set it as Payable Account


Account Type:

Keep account type blank and check

@rohit_w It is working grate :smiley:

What the reason of changing account type to blank?