No means to delete Sales Partners or Addresses

Using ERPNext: v9.2.23 (master)
Frappe Framework: v9.2.24 (master)

If i login as administrator or normal user with rights there is no button available to delete a couple of doctypes namely Sales Partners or Addresses

Peek 2018-01-08 19-25

Peek 2018-01-08 19-29

I cannot see any other means to delete Addresses or Sales partners. I cannot test this on as there are no sales partners there and there is no means to add any therefore I cannot test deleting them. If I try to delete an Address on again there is no means to be able to do this

Surely this must be a bug ?

It is not a bug. It turns out that no default role has the right to delete. You might want to assign that right to a role or you create a new to handle deletions. Check the image below.



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Many thanks @kevingee ! This makes sense and I’ve adapted my install this way - I should have thought of this but did not expect out of the box that no-one can delete addresses :wink: !.

I do think that managers in the relevant roles should be able to delete these items especially addresses which affects, purchasing, sales, accounts etc etc. You would not normally want to keep old address info. Sales Partners probably should be made disabled rather than deleted.

Note you can’t delete a sales partner once they have been assigned to a transaction. So disabling makes sense, but this would need to be added as a custom field.