No module named 'frappe.core.doctype.raven_channel' error while raven installation

I am trying to install raven in frappe-bench and it installed succesfully but when assigning raven to a site then getting this error

File "apps/frappe/frappe/modules/", line 254, in load_doctype_module
    raise ImportError(msg) from e
      doctype = 'Raven Channel'
      module = 'Core'
      prefix = ''
      suffix = ''
      app = 'frappe'
      key = ********
      module_name = 'frappe.core.doctype.raven_channel.raven_channel'
      msg = "Module import failed for Raven Channel, the DocType you're trying to open might be deleted.<br> Error: No module named 'frappe.core.doctype.raven_channel'"
builtins.ImportError: Module import failed for Raven Channel, the DocType you're trying to open might be deleted.<br> Error: No module named 'frappe.core.doctype.raven_channel'

I am wondering that in above error, it is looking for raven_channel doctype
in frappe.core but the doctypes of raven are present in raven app and not in frappe.core, so did I made a mistake or is this an issue in raven installation process?

this is my installation process
first, i got the app into frappe-bench

bench get-app

then installed the app to the site

bench --site install-app raven

getting error for second command

should i migrate the bench after getting the app? ie., after executing below command

bench get-app

i have the same issue

hey @manal_erpnext
i uninstalled the app from site and again installed it, it installed sucessfully

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Based on the error message and your installation steps, it seems that there might be an issue with how the Raven app’s Doctypes are being referenced or loaded. To help resolve this, it’s important to ensure that all necessary migrations are applied and that the app’s assets and configurations are properly set up.

Here are the steps to follow after you’ve run the bench get-app command:

  1. Get the Raven app:

    bench get-app
  2. Install the Raven app on your site:

    bench --site install-app raven
  3. Run migrations to ensure all database changes are applied:

    bench --site migrate
  4. Clear the cache and restart the bench:

    bench clear-cache
    bench restart
  5. Check for additional setup steps:

    • Ensure that your site_config.json is correctly configured for developer mode and other settings as mentioned in the documentation.
    • Make sure there are no pending changes in your Frappe site that might interfere with the installation.

Here is the complete process in sequence:

# Get the Raven app
bench get-app

# Install the Raven app on your site
bench --site install-app raven

# Run migrations
bench --site migrate

# Clear cache and restart bench
bench clear-cache
bench restart

If the issue persists after following these steps, it could be useful to check the following:

  1. Verify the Doctype files:

    • Ensure that the Doctype files for Raven Channel and other necessary Doctypes are present in the raven app directory and not mistakenly placed in the frappe core directory.
  2. Check the site_config.json:

    • Ensure that developer_mode is set to 1 and that other configurations like ignore_csrf and allow_cors are appropriately set if you’re working in a development environment.
  3. Look for any custom scripts or settings:

    • Verify if there are any custom scripts or configurations that might be interfering with the Raven installation.

Yes, that did the trick ! Thanks. Not sure how but it works after a reinstall :slight_smile:

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