No Need to validate customer(enable/disable) for future re-posting entries

For Instance:
Sometime it’s required to post future entries for some reason, like I have posted the Sales Invoice 0001 in future with item( PANADOL EXTRA OPTIZORB 48) for customer Navdeep and then after some time account team has disabled customer Navdeep due to payment issues(cheque bounced).
But when I am trying to post the new sales invoice for different customer Rahul with same Item ( PANADOL EXTRA OPTIZORB 48) in current date and it’s re-posting all the future entries for item( PANADOL EXTRA OPTIZORB 48, which is must), but it’s not letting me save the invoice because it’s validating all the customers while re-posting future entries to validate whether the customer is enabled or disabled (In this example, Error: Navdeep is disabled) .
It’s very hard to enabled/disabled customer for futures entries and it’s just time consuming process.

Please let me know if I am missing anything