No permission to create Appraisal

I am having a huge trouble with permissions that a manager cannot create appraisals even they have sufficient permissions.

The real deal problem is that I must limit every manager to see their own appraisals only. Once I click on If owner then the system acts like there is no permission is given.

The person is under employee rule and his permissions are

I have found the issue.

The person can evaluate themselves then change it to the person they want. However, saving the draft evaluating another person is strictly forbidden by the system.

So workaround (which makes employees grumbling) save the appraisals like they evaluate themselves then after saving change it to the person they evaluate.


As per the design, Employee is suppose to create Appraisal for oneself. Later on, rating is updating in it by the manager who doesn’t have any permission restriction on Appraisals.

Perhaps you should define another Permission Rule for Appraisal, for manager’s role. That Role should not have restricted access to Appraisal, but only user with Employee role should have restricted access.