No Permission to Save Sales Order

Hi, I have workflow where I have created different Workflow state to meet company requirements, but I got two major issue-
first- User is able to save it on draft mode and when user going to Action and Clicking for next state, it gives error message “No permission to Save Sales Order”. I have given permission to all linked doc type.
Second - if doc is on draft mode, same user is not able to edit any field all fields become disable, have look on last screen shot. But if doc is get converted to next state (For Repair Order), then same user is able to edit field.

Please have look below screen shot for more detail.
User has assigned to Maintenance Manager role

Is there any message in the browser’s console? If yes, please check and share it here?

Btw, the workflow setup seems to be lengthy. Will suggest you to define simplified workflows so that it’s easier to execute in the real world as well.

Hi @umair , please have look on below screen shot,

have you found the solution?

it was setting issue of Permission and Worfklow. Once i did it properly, saving order workflow works fine.

There was an issue in version 9 form.js. There’s a fix in latest version

if ((frappe.workflow.is_read_only(this.doctype, this.docname) && (perms[“write”] ||
perms[“create”] || perms[“submit”] || perms[“cancel”])) || !frappe.workflow.is_read_only(this.doctype, this.docname)) {
var allowed_for_workflow = true;