No save button for "Inpatient Record" doc

I just observed that I am getting no save button while creating new Inpatient Record.

I am logged in using administrator and have all the roles. but the button is hidden, also CTRL+S is not saving the doc.

I have inspected the code button is there I have unhide the button by removing the hidden class and then pressed the button but the doc is not saving.

Kindly help,
Thank you in anticipation.

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In version 14, Inpatient Record can only be created while the Physician orders a Patient admission. This can be done via a Patient Encounter, so please create a Patient Encounter. Once you submit it, you can “Schedule Admission” for the Patient.

If this doesn’t fit your use case please share, we’ll see how we can cover it, thanks.

Thank you for the response. This is version 13.

I’ll check this by making encounter first.

But the usecase you are pointing, is correct by the book. But practically it’s often happen when an encounter occur at doctor’s private clinic and doctor prescribe to get admit at some other hospital (where ERPNext is deployed), so in this case, in that hospital we need to have direct admission against the patient.

This restriction applies in version 13 too

oh sorry, Save is enabled on when Inpatient Record status is “Admission Scheduled”, We’ll push a fix, meanwhile could you please try setting Admission Scheduled as the default status?

Yes sure, I’ll, could you please tell me from where I can change the inpatient record status? And set default status? Because it was readonly on the inpatient record create form.

I am also not getting fields in the specified area, fields for example healthcare service unit type, are existing on the form I have seen the fields by opening the customizing view.

These fields are read only and supposed to be set while scheduling the admission from Patient Encounter. Could you please try that?

Yes let me try

@akurungadam yes I tried that, I was missing the schedule admission button. Ran the full process from making encounter to patient admission. Schedule admission automatically created the inpatient record. That is fine and good. Solved my first question. I think save button will not show on inpatient record untill we schedule the admission from the encounter.

But, is there anyway we could create inpatient record directly without scheduling admission, because of my usecase I have specified above?

Yes, You could achive through script and calling it through a button or any event of server script.

It would be the good option if we could set this in healthcare setting, that user need direct admission, after encounter or both functionalities at a time.


Noted, we’ll add this


I think when we are disabling saving, there should be some notification for the reason. So that user may have some clues.


Thank you, much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:.

So can we say that it will be rollout with v14?

and can you please share when v14 stable version is expected to release?