No suppliers for purchase order from material request

I want to create a purchase order from material request, but for default supplier I don’t see any supplier. Suppliers are created, why it doesn’t work?

Directly click on Submit to proceed to PO. Then, in the PO, you will be able to select the Supplier. Let us know if that worked for you.

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Thanks for answer!
It works, but for some reason it doesn’t remove items without selected supplier(it doesn’t filter them).

For Suppliers to appear in the Default Supplier option as shown in the screenshot, you need to provide a default supplier in the item master under item default section.


Thanks, I found it. Is there any way to “pull out” default supplier field to another location in item master form? For now I cannot edit default forms.

How to add supplier name filed in material request form?

@michelle but in version 14 no submit button now what can we do?

@kennethsequeira in version 14 no option of default supplier can you tell me what can do it now?