No UI for login

I had been trying to install erpnext…I able to install erpext.I am getting this in browser.My problem is that when i click on login i am not getting form for validation
My database seems okay
Everthing seems okay
I am new to it…I was thinking that i must have done worong shwhere.
i have tried version
Actuall i have used as a ref

Your help will be highly appcrciated by me

Hi @BT_Eng,

From your screenshot, it’s possible that some assets (minified, bundled, rolled-up JS code) are not present on disk.

I’d suggest running a bench build command, to make sure those files are created.

Than you for the suggestion…
It was working for now…
bench build was taking hell of time in which it was not able to load those two file coz of mememory…I have upgrade my memmory and it worked like a magic…i hope this tick would help to those who are conjus like me lol