No website view in erpnext


why is there no website view in the erpnext demo? It redericts to the login page.

It is because, many first time users could not find out the login link from the website view.

ah ok, but is there a way to view the website? maybe provide a link for that too?

another thing: i am testing the free 1 user account, but I want to delete all my changes, how can i go to the original state?


To delete all the transactions from any account, please check this link:

Can you please create a github issue requesting the link for website view in the demo account?

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done! see Website view for ERPNext Demo · Issue #7563 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I did that but when I delete the company I can still see my customised website.

How can I get a fresh instance of erpnext? (reset to factory settings)

You need to fresh signup again if you are using Frappe hosted account. Otherwise, if you are using local, then you can reinstall your site using bench --site <your-site-name> reinstall command.