Node sass ~ bench start error

Getting this error on bench start. How to fix thhis?
I have already tried installing node-sass but same error

11:54:01 watch.1 | Rollup Watcher Started
11:54:01 watch.1 |
11:54:01 watch.1 | Watching…
11:54:01 watch.1 | Error in: /home/parth/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/public/scss/website.scss
11:54:01 watch.1 | Error: You need to install either node-sass or sass in order to process Sass files


Hi parth,
I have also faced same issue. I have install the node-sass as well. But was facing same error.

Solution that I find is that
1> goto the apps/frappe
2> yarn install
3> Run bench start

This will work. Please try and let me know


Hi saiprasad,

I have same problem and its solved with your suggestion.
(erpnexr 13)


had the same problem, your approach works. Thank you!