Nodejs install issues while installing ERPNext using Bench

I am trying to install ERPNext using Bench. I am using Ubuntu on Windows (Ubuntu version 14). I have tested python/django, redis and it is working. Hence started installing ERPNext using frappe bench. I am consistently facing issues in installing ‘node packages’ using NPM (especially chrome driver). Usually the error is ‘spawn ENOMEM’. I have 2 GB free RAM. Hence npm package install should NOT need 2 GB memory. So obviously there is a problem in package or I am doing some mistake. Any tips/guidance will help.

  1. Does ERPNext require any specific version of nodejs/npm ?
  2. Is it possible to install ERPNext without nodejs ? (since I am doing development work on it and not production). If yes, how ?

Will appreciate any hints/tips, things to check etc.


somehow it worked this time.