Nodejs wrap for frappe/erpnext v12

Hi there!, I just uploaded my version of a node wrapper for Frappe/Erpnext. The repo is here GitHub - quad-tree/node-api-erpnext-v12: nodejs API wrapper for Erpnext v11 and 12

This wrapper code is very useful when using from nodejs apps and SSR. This can be used to fetch data and perform integrations and ETL as we are currently using to migrate an external CRM to ERPNext (and viceversa). It also helped me on importing long datasources from node and use as a bridge to websockets and IOT. This repo needs some testing cases and overall help to make it a real OS contribution. Help is welcomed. Happy coding! :slight_smile:

Kind regards
Enrique @quadtree


@quadtree Great Job and thanks for your effort.

Try to look at these repos and take some ideas, maybe they have something useful for your App.

Thanks @Mohammed_Redha I found it interesting sohzaz/erpnext-node, I already have a new version using axios and using a tokenized apikey that bundles the domain/credentials so it needs only two strings to get/set values of any resource from any erpnext instance. :slight_smile: … I’ll post the update soon… Kind regards! Enrique