Non Consolidated Items Row in Sales invoice and POS Invoice - Batch Concern


Clients using the Batch Item sales from POS have problem while using consolidated item row in POS sales invoice, as when we scan the batch and add item batch and add one same item again with different batch then by default the second batch selected is taken in consideration.

We will be looking into this on offline pos pos.js file to make it work as non-consolidated item row. As this is already present in sales invoice item row.

But another concern is in sales invoice form, using scan barcode field in when I scan item it will add to same like if it is the same item with different batch.

I just need advice and recommendation from someone who is aware of the code which is related to consolidating the scanned item. As we are running out of time for launch date, a quick advice will be helpful.


When I scan the same item it replies with

Row #1: Qty increased by 1

This means there is a validator to check if the item is already present in item table and increase the quantity so we plan to keep it and add a check box to enable non-consolidated method and add code to add the scanned item to next line directly.

Hope we can get some answer from those who are aware of these codes to save our time, otherwise will have to go through the codes.

Hai, have you solved this problem?

Yes we did with custom codes.

It tries to match the Batch number and if different then it will add the same item to next line.