Non Maintain Stock to Maintain Stock

On the below version:

ERPNext: v13.54.6 (HEAD)
Frappe Framework: v13.58.15 (HEAD)

Is it correct that we could already tick the maintain stock field of an item eventough it already have any transactions? Please see the below screenshot. We could change the tickmark of the maintain stock.

Will there be any errors if we just tick it as maintain stock?
Can anyone provide correct steps to change it as maintain stock?


I am in a similar situation.

I mistakenly forgot to tick off the maintain stock option on a template, and now 4 products that I keep in stock and sell, and not maintained in stock in the system.

I want to start maintaining stock, but it does not work.

When I tick off the button, it does not allow me to tick the checkbox. It says that it is not possible, since I have previous transactions for the product.

It still works, and I can still buy and sell the items. But, I can not track the inventory.

ERPNext seems to not allow activation of maintaining stock once activity has started.

This means that because of an mistake, I need to stop using my current product code, and make a new one. But, I can not reuse the product code, as it is used. This leads to my product codes no longer having the same uniform product code layout, since the new code will be off in comparison to the old one.

How can we activate a unmaintained stock product?

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Hello again,

I did find a clue as to how we could change it form not mantaining stock, to maintain stock. But,it seems impractical.

This is coming from the erpnext docs:
“To make these fields editable once again, you should delete all the stock transactions made for this item. For the Serialized and Batch Item, you should also delete Serial No. and Batch No. record for this item.”

If I understand it correctly, while the maintain stock is unchecked, inventory is kept. But, to be able to maintain stock, then you need to erase all transactions that you have.

How can one erase all transactions in a live system? Delete the sock transactions. How can I erase stock transactions from a live system. Will this not cause issues with the orders already sent out?


Items can be renamed

Hello @kehwar

They can be renamed, what do you mean?

I have my products using a certain code, which is made up of various product details. But, if I change the code, then the product qualities are not inthe code any more, leading to not being able to identify the product.

I want to be able to keep the same product code.

You can rename the item to {item-code}-DO_NOT_USE, then disable the item. You can duplicate the item with maintain stock unchecked before or after and save it with the original item code as per your naming schema.

You can also do a Stock Reconciliation to remove the unintended items from inventory, assuming that they would not be consumed in the normal flow of your business. This should be done before you disable the Item.

I’m on East Coast time too, we can set up a time to run through this if you like. Send me a DM if you’re interested.

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You can rename items by clicking on the title name, or on the dot menu using the rename option

hello @tmatteson
Thank for the idea. Never thought about that. It allows me ot keep the product code. I will lose purchase history, but it is better than losing the code.

Let me find the products in question again, and I will maybe take you up on your offer to make sure i do it right.


I have implemented custom solutions that allow Items to be switched from stock to non-stock, but it’s so much better to get it right in the first place. Given the narrow scope of the mistakes in your system, it could also be solved by a patch that directly manipulates the data (again, best done after zeroing the offending quantities with a Stock Reconciliation) but it’s a janitorial solution, not one that makes sense to have at ones disposal regularly.

Good luck!