Non Profit install

First time to try ERPNext. On-premise server install in Linux machines. Conduct feasibility study for Non profit use case esp. for Volunteer management.

Tried to bench install non_profit but no package found. Appreciate if anybody share how to install Non profit properly and experience sharing for using it ??

Please check the steps:

bench get-app non_profit
bench --site install-app non_profit
bench --site migrate
bench build --force

Yes it works now. Finally, install version 14. Target to implement Volunteer features. Any useful documentation for me to learn the configuration?

You might want to start by exploring various video tutorials and documentation available on Google. Additionally, I highly recommend enrolling in the Frappe School, which offers comprehensive tutorials specifically tailored for beginners and advanced users alike.

YouTube is another excellent resource where you can find many useful tutorials. These platforms provide insights and real-world applications of the Frappe Framework that might be beneficial for your learning process.

If you ever have any specific questions or run into difficulties, feel free to post your queries on the community forums. It’s a large and active community, so there’s no need to tag specific individuals—there are many experienced users and developers who are likely to respond to your posts and provide assistance.