Non Sales items showing in drop-down on sales order form

Even though the items are not marked as “Sales Item” the are still showing as selectable in the Sales order. How do I show only Sales Items in the drop-down?

Installed Apps
ERPNext: v7.2.31
Frappe Framework: v7.2.31


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Cannot replicate on my local, also tested on a v7 test account.

Please check if End of Life is mentioned for the items.

In the Sales Order, what is the Order Type selected? If it is Maintenance, then you won’t be able to search and select Stock Items.

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Order type is “Sales”.

OK, got it sorted out.

I ran the following SQL script:

select count(*) from tabItem
where is_sales_item > 0;

Which returned about 29 items. It should have only returned a couple. So looks like we had a number of raw material items (but not all) set to be sales items.

I cleaned it up the easy way by running the following:

update tabItem
set is_sales_item=0
where is_sales_item>0
Limit 29;

Now I can just go into ERPNext and change the couple of items to Sales Items that are really Sales Items.

Thanks so much for the replies and for creating an awesome ERP system that gives the user’s the power to resolve issues so easily such as this one!