I need to know what does the non_standard_fieldnames & internal_links variable mean in the files??
Can someone advise me.

Hi @usersive,

non_standard_fieldnames refer to fields that are not named according to the standard naming conventions used. The standard naming convention for fields follows the format “doctype.fieldname”.

For example, in the Sales Order doctype, the field for customer name would be named “sales_order.customer_name”. However, in some cases, users may create custom fields with names that do not follow this convention.

In the dashboard, the system automatically detects standard fieldnames and creates filters. However, non_standard_fieldnames need to be manually configured to be used in the dashboard.

To use non_standard_fieldnames in a dashboard, you need to first specify the fieldname in the dashboard configuration. Then you can use it to create filters in the dashboard.

Hope you understand.

Thank You!


This was very helpful, thanks bro…