Non Stock item name in Purchase invoice print

how can i get the name of the item purchased that is non stock to appear on purchase invoice printing?

Just uncheck Print Hide property via Customize Form for Purchase Order Item

surprisingly its already unchecked in purchase invoice form

Please provide some screenshots indicating the issue. Are you using any custom print format?

For Eg.

A purchase invoice of a non stock item (i.e postal charges):

When i select to print, it does not matter whether i use standard or custom format, in both it appears the same:

The only time the name of the item appears is when it is a stock item



I’ve managed to find a quirky solution, which leads me to believe that its a bug. If you enter the Description Field, the Item Name will Print.

I also found that if you have more than 1 non-stock items you only need to enter the description for the first item only and the others will appear.


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Found the actual cause/reason why a Non - Stock Item Name will not print

To print Non - Stock Item Name in Purchase Invoice, apparently there’s a feature that when checked will cause the Non - Stock Item Name not to print.

Uncheck the “Compact Item Print” feature and the Non - Stock Item Name will now print.

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