Non-stock item not auto pulled into PO items child table


Service item (non-stock) not being pulled automatically into the PO’s items child table when creating PO from Production Plan. Service item will be subcontracted, Qty is auto populated but item code is not. I have the service item as part of an assembly BOM, and the assembly item is in the Finished Good BOM. Any advice on how to resolve this issue? Service items should automatically populate the PO child table.

Hi Alpha,

Below are the reason might be, please check below 2 places.

BOM configuration:

  1. Ensure the service item is correctly linked to the assembly BOM in the “Items” section.
  2. Verify that the “Include Exploded Items” option is ticked for the assembly item in the “Items to Manufacture” table of the Production Plan. This ensures sub-items (including the service) are considered when creating a PO.

Item group settings:

In your ERPNext settings, navigate to “Stock Settings” and check if the “Automatically include BOM items in Purchase Order” option is enabled. This setting influences the automatic inclusion of BOM items, including services, in POs.


I checked this and everything looks as you mentioned. One question tho, on point#1, what do you mean with service item correctly? I have it added in the assembly BOM raw material child table.

I did not find this one anywhere, I’m on ERPNext V15.

Any thoughts?

Just an update to in case someone else needs it:

I found out that there’s a DocType called Subcontracted BOM. In there, you can link FGs to Service items. I tried it out and the PO did pulled the service item once the subcontracted BOM entry was established. Based on this functionality, I think Service items are not to be added to the assembly BOM. I will keep exploring it to understand how it works.

There’s no mention of the Subcontracted BOM in the unfortunately, so there’s really just a lot of trial and error.

Here’s the info I got so far: Serviceable items to be fetched automatically in PO · Issue #33645 · frappe/erpnext (

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