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I have been struggling with this for quite a while now - I am in Canada where we have lots of provinces and different taxes. So I somehow managed to set up different taxes and apply them for different customers according to location. However, I have not managed to link “by default” taxes to customers based on location (or even without the location part, I would still love to be able to just set default taxes for customers manually).
But I still have not found the way to create a non-taxable product. I do not need to set different taxes for different products, I just need ERP to stop charging taxes for particular products when I write the invoice. Is there an easy way to do so? Just a suggestion - I have worked with Sage50 and it is very straightforward there - when one creates an item, there is a check box “taxable”. If I uncheck it, it never charges tax when I write an invoice. Can something like this be done for ERP? I read similar topics and threads, tried the solutions with the item masters, etc. but apparently I am doing something wrong. Can somebody write or refer me to guidelines step by step?
Example - Go to product-check this - click here - write this…

Or, to put it this way - is there a way to add manually the taxes for each product when creating the invoice? Because for example I have items that are taxed 13% HST in some provinces, and the same items are taxed 5% GST plus 9.975% QST in other provinces. And I have products that are not taxable. So if I set the default taxes for an item to HST 13%, but I am selling it in the province of Quebec where we have two taxes, QST plus GST, I can change the overall tax to GST+QST, but I still have products that are not taxable in neither province. What do I do with them? Can I create a tax rule for them?

On Item master for, there is “Item Tax” section you can enter your respective Tax head and its rate
For example -
Tax head = GST
Tax Rate= 5
and save Item master form

When you come to the invoice that item
2.Taxes charges -
Select Type as - On Net total
Account head should be -GST which you have enter in Item master
Rate should be ‘zero’
because rate will be fetch from Item master

Just Refer link:-

Thanks, I finally made it work. But I really suggest you simplify it, for example - create a “rule” or something, like a checkbox saying “taxable” in the item master. So when we create a non-taxable item, it would be much simpler. I find it way easier for my situation for example.

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