North America ERPNext Chapter Structure - Discussions

Edits made, please check your emails.

@tmatteson the edits look great.

I will will second the adoption of Open Decision Framework document. I have a tech group website that we have for the area and i will make a copy of it for the NE chapter. We are going to need a internet presents that we can market to local business, associations, and individuals that want to get involved.

It will be great to have a spot on the site but i dont think it will be enough for the associations and businesses. I have seen that fail many times in the past and without being able to build or own email list of people to contact we would be able to really get much organized.

When would everyone like to see a ERPNext conference? I am going to propose that we have it in Boston or Portland Maine. Portland is easy to get to an would be cheaper for people to stay at. I however do like to go to boston whenever i can so either way.

@woakes070048 Are you thinking a regional NE conference, or were you referring to a national one?

@brian_pond I think if we can a national one.

@JayRam - we have consensus from the three New Englanders @DrTrills via email, @woakes070048 above. Edits finalized via consensus. I’d like to see a version of this on the ERP, PDF for posterity, RTF for a template for other groups.

@woakes070048 - For internet presence, I propose that we as North America ask @Jayram for space as ERPNext: Free and Open Source Cloud ERP Software, and as the Northeast Chapter ERPNext: Free and Open Source Cloud ERP Software
This seems like it would be an easily adopted convention for other chapters. It looks like the Mumbai group is doing it this way already. Did you have something else in mind?

If national, and we want to meet this year, I’m suggesting September/October. Here’s my reasoning:

First, weather. It’s been a while since I last visited New England, but I vividly recall the winters. While it’s certainly possible to travel November and later, there’s some travel delay risk. Secondly, you start to run into the major US holidays, people have “use or lose” vacation hours to burn, and things get hectic.

Sooner would be okay, if feasible. I’m uncertain that allows sufficient planning time. Depends on our goals. If we want to simply meet and have informal, round-table discussions? Then we just need enough notice for folks to schedule and make travel arrangements. But if we want the conference to contain more (North America user group website online, presentations, customer showcases, functional/developer training, etc) then we’ll need time to put that together. Much of that may be overkill for the 1st meeting, but we have options.

If at all possible, I would certainly try to fly east for a national conference.

@brian_pond I think that if we all do meet this year it wont be at a conference. It would be a round table type of meeting. I hope it to reach out all of the manufacturing associations and other market making organizations to make a real conference happen.

I think it would be a lot of fun to do a code sprint. That doesn’t take as much organization. I had a list of proposed topics too that we could add too.
I organize a conference for a local farm group that has 40-60 attendees annually. I feel pretty good about picking up the logistical pieces if required.

@tmatteson i have done a lot of digital marketing and not matter we are going to need to be able to build a funnel for the group and from my experience it going to a lot of more work for us to do that on the erpnext site. I agree that we need to be listed there. I am hoping that we could get permission to use as the domain name. @JayRam is that possible.

Hey all, just catching up now on this.

For a location Boston or Portland are both fine for me. And for a season i’d like to opt for early September is possible as I may (and most likely) will be away for work in mid-late Sept.

As for the bylaws, I saw the gdoc in email and it looks great to me. So thank you everyone esp. @tmatteson for sending that.

Perhaps for a website if we need space we could use Github Pages? I am also not opposed to contributing a few bucks for a some VPS like Linode or D.O. if others are into that.

@DrTrills - I like the Github Pages idea.
@JayRam indicated he’d be stateside in late September/ early October, which seems like a reasonable accommodation.