Not able to change Titles (a bug probably)

By mistake I typed the wrong spellings of Work in Progress. I am not able to change the name now. I have seen this problem in other DocTypes and reports also. Is this a missing feature or a bug?

I can change the maroon-colored title but not the red one (refer attached image). The only other option is to delete the warehouse and make a new one, which I do not prefer.

Hope it can be solved soon.



Hello @non-polar,

This is not a bug it is intentional. Most Doctypes can be configured to allow/disallow renaming. However, warehouse doctype is designed to not allow renaming as it could cause some unexpected behavior with existing transactions.

It is recommended if you don’t have any transactions to delete the warehouse and re-create it. If you have transactions then create a new warehouse with the correct name, move all stock over to the new warehouse, then disable the old warehouse.

Here is the patch that introduced this restriction:

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Hey @dj12djdjs ,
Thanks for responding. Currently, I do not have any transactions so I’ll delete it and make a new one. But if I have any old transactions then can I delete the old warehouse or do I have to disable it only? I would like to delete it if it doesn’t create a problem with existing transactions.

If there are existing transactions against a warehouse you cannot delete the warehouse. You can only disable it.

Ok Thanks.