Not able to create Email Account in the 15th version

Hello everyone,

I am exploring the 15th version. I am stuck somewhere so guide me on it.

I have created an email domain and linked an email account to it. So every detail is added and saved but when sending the email, it gives giving error.

Thank you advance

Hi @Foram:

You are using domain. Server configuration is inherit from that, so … what is configured there?

Also check your email address … is right?

Hope this helps.

I have used the domain “” and used the email address for eg. But still, it’s not working.

I have purchased the domain on the GoDaddy account and I want to link it with the 15th version, so can you share how can I?

HI @Foram:

You will need email configuration (POP/IMAP server, port, user and password, etc …). This configuration is related to mail service, not to domain registering …