Not able to create hr module

i am facing issue with initiating bench and creating site, Is there any cost for creation of site…could you explain me regrading site creation and suggest me version compatibility for erp next and hrms…In which version hr module is included

@lavany share screenshots of the error

and internal server error…Could you explain regarding any cost needed for creating any site. when i create a site it is asking to add card…kindly clear me these doubts.

@lavany frappe,erpnext and hrms are all opensource , no payments required . just try a clean install of frappe , not sure you using docker or not . to init a new bench repostory I suggest to leave the current one so go back to /home or desktop using cd … . about the yarn issue try to install it using sudo npm install -g yarn
bench init : creates a new bench repository
bench new-site : create a new site inside a bench repo
bench get-app to download an app (bench get-app hrms)
bench --site sitename install-app : install app on specific site