Not able to create query report in Version 8


I am not able create Query Report in Version 8.
If I try to duplicate a query report it says:

And, if I try to create a new report, I don’t get any option to change the report type to query report.

Ruchn Sharma

Try to set “developer_mode” : 1 in your site config JSON file.

Its not possible to set developer_mode=1, in a production server.
Apart from that, earlier there was no restriction to create query reports without having developer mode, is it a restriction now, that query reports can only be created in developer mode?

If yes, then message should say this clearly.

Ruchin Sharma

Well I guess changing something directly in “Production Server” is not a good practice, you should make custom reports in dev and then migrate to production via custom app or try to contribute reports to ERPNext core repo in case they are generic.

If you are not happy with the message displayed by the system you can change it and send a PR or create an issue on GitHub with your request