Not able to Disable Round off in Multi currency

I disabled round off in global settings, but sill in multi currency transactions the Rounded Total (INR) is visible Sales Order/Invoice, Purchase order/Invoice.

I tried to find a way around, and increased precision in rounded total to 2. But still it is rounding off 1,76,775.28 to 1,76,775.30. Even tried to increase precision of rounded total to 3, but no luck.

There are old invoices from previous system, where we want to match the amount up to 2 decimals in accounting entries, is there any way around?

If you are changing field precision, please make sure you are in developer mode otherwise your changes would not be applied.

Thanks @Pawan,

Well I found, in multi currency option there is some server script which makes the round of field visible on form. But it doesn’t have accounting impact. The entry passed in accounts is taking correct figures without rounding. So issue was resolved.

However, I feel making round off field visible even when its disabled can be confusing. It may require some debugging from the developers.