Not able to fetch data from shopify

Hi I am facing issue with fetching data from shopify.
I am getting these warnings in log and no data is fetched from shopify.

I fallowed this issue in Github which is closed but I message there and said that I am still facing this issue even my site is working under HTTPS.

Is it working fine with everyone? Can anyone help, please?

Can anyone help regarding this issue please?

You have some stale webhooks that are not unregistered from Shopify. I’d recommend trying new app (use main branch): GitHub - frappe/ecommerce_integrations: Ecommerce integrations for ERPNext

Reason: when you disable integration using this app it tries to unregister all webhooks with the current URL (so your old stale ones will go away too)

Sadly Shopify doesn’t have any UI for manually removing old webhooks. We’ll add a doctype action to unregister all the webhooks, as this seems to happen quite often… either users forget to disable webhooks or due to some other error.