Not able to get the doctype object route in a href


I am using the client side
with method: frappe.client.get_list to get the employees on specific filters.

Further for each of the employee records, literating through forloop and using
another with method
But here i am unable to get routes to the doctype object.

the logic is as follows

fetch all employees

for each employee
create table row and then list employee fields as columns

but here I am unable to link to employee a href='#Form/Employee/???



Any ideas to get the rout to link to each employee doctype object from frappe.client.get_value will help a great help. It is bez get_value only provide doctype fields and not able to get the route to the object.

My code is as follows
var show_visa_expiry_employees = function(me){{
method: ‘frappe.client.get_list’,

    args: {
        'doctype': 'Employee',
        filters:{'visa_exp': ['<',  frappe.datetime.add_days(frappe.datetime.nowdate(), 60)],
                 'status': 'Active'
          limit_page_length: 20
    callback: function(r) {

        if (!r) {
            // code snippet
            details = "<div>" + 'No Employee records found' + "</div>";".visa_expiry").html(details);


             for (i=0; i < r.message.length; i++) {

method: 'frappe.client.get_value',
args: {
        'doctype': 'Employee',
        'filters': {'name': r.message[i].name},
        'fieldname': [

callback: (rr) => {

             listTable=listTable+"<td>"+ rr.message.first_name +"</td>";
               listTable=listTable+"<td>"+ rr.message.last_name +"</td>";
                listTable=listTable+"<td>"+ rr.message.department +"</td>";
               listTable=listTable+"<td>"+ rr.message.visa_no +"</td>";
                listTable=listTable+"<td>"+ rr.message.visa_exp +"</td>";
                listTable=listTable+"<td>"+ "<a href='#Form/Employee/'"+rr.message+">"+ "Edit"+"</a>"+"</td>";
error: (rr) => {
    // on error