Not able to install ERPNext with Easy Installation Script


I am trying to install ERPNext but I am getting the below error everytime I install.

TASK [unarchive wkhtmltopdf] ***************************************************
fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "check_results": {"cmd": "/bin                                                                                        /tar -C \"/tmp\" --diff -f \"/tmp/ansible-tmp-1489483103.42-192899926710286/sour                                                                                        ce\"", "err": "", "out": "wkhtmltox/lib/ Uid differs\nwkh                                                                                        tmltox/lib/ Gid differs\nwkhtmltox/share/man/man1/wkhtmlt                                                                                        oimage.1.gz: Uid differs\nwkhtmltox/share/man/man1/wkhtmltoimage.1.gz: Gid diffe                                                                                        rs\nwkhtmltox/share/man/man1/wkhtmltopdf.1.gz: Uid differs\nwkhtmltox/share/man/                                                                                        man1/wkhtmltopdf.1.gz: Gid differs\nwkhtmltox/include/wkhtmltox/pdf.h: Uid diffe                                                                                        rs\nwkhtmltox/include/wkhtmltox/pdf.h: Gid differs\nwkhtmltox/include/wkhtmltox/                                                                               Uid differs\nwkhtmltox/include/wkhtmltox/ Gid differs\nwk                                                                                        htmltox/include/wkhtmltox/ Uid differs\nwkhtmltox/include/wkhtmltox                                                                                        / Gid differs\nwkhtmltox/include/wkhtmltox/image.h: Uid differs\nwk                                                                                        htmltox/include/wkhtmltox/image.h: Gid differs\nwkhtmltox/bin/wkhtmltoimage: Uid                                                                                         differs\nwkhtmltox/bin/wkhtmltoimage: Gid differs\nwkhtmltox/bin/wkhtmltopdf: U                                                                                        id differs\nwkhtmltox/bin/wkhtmltopdf: Gid differs\n", "rc": 1, "unarchived": fa                                                                                        lse}, "dest": "/tmp", "extract_results": {"cmd": "/bin/tar -xf \"/tmp/ansible-tm                                                                                        p-1489483103.42-192899926710286/source\"", "err": "/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/lib/libwk                                                                               Cannot open: File exists\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/lib/libwkhtmlto                                                                               Cannot create symlink to ‘’: File exists\n/bin/tar                                                                                        : wkhtmltox/lib/ Cannot create symlink to ‘                                                                                        0.12.3’: File exists\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/lib/ Cannot create sym                                                                                        link to ‘’: File exists\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/lib: Cannot u                                                                                        time: Operation not permitted\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/share/man/man1/wkhtmltoimage.                                                                                        1.gz: Cannot open: File exists\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/share/man/man1/wkhtmltopdf.1                                                                                        .gz: Cannot open: File exists\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/share/man/man1: Cannot utime:                                                                                         Operation not permitted\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/share/man: Cannot utime: Operation                                                                                         not permitted\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/share: Cannot utime: Operation not permitted                                                                                        \n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/include/wkhtmltox/pdf.h: Cannot open: File exists\n/bin/ta                                                                                        r: wkhtmltox/include/wkhtmltox/ Cannot open: File exists\n/bin/tar: w                                                                                        khtmltox/include/wkhtmltox/ Cannot open: File exists\n/bin/tar: wkh                                                                                        tmltox/include/wkhtmltox/image.h: Cannot open: File exists\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/                                                                                        include/wkhtmltox: Cannot utime: Operation not permitted\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/in                                                                                        clude: Cannot utime: Operation not permitted\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/bin/wkhtmltoim                                                                                        age: Cannot open: File exists\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/bin/wkhtmltopdf: Cannot open:                                                                                         File exists\n/bin/tar: wkhtmltox/bin: Cannot utime: Operation not permitted\n/b                                                                                        in/tar: wkhtmltox: Cannot utime: Operation not permitted\n/bin/tar: Exiting with                                                                                         failure status due to previous errors\n", "out": "", "rc": 2}, "failed": true,                                                                                         "gid": 0, "group": "root", "handler": "TarArchive", "mode": "01777", "msg": "fai                                                                                        led to unpack /tmp/ansible-tmp-1489483103.42-192899926710286/source to /tmp", "o                                                                                        wner": "root", "size": 4096, "src": "/tmp/ansible-tmp-1489483103.42-192899926710                                                                                        286/source", "state": "directory", "uid": 0}
        to retry, use: --limit @production/install.retry

PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************
localhost                  : ok=17   changed=1    unreachable=0    failed=1

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 351, in <module>
  File "", line 111, in install_bench
    run_playbook('production/install.yml', sudo=True, extra_vars=extra_vars)
  File "", line 301, in run_playbook
    success = subprocess.check_call(args, cwd=os.path.join(cwd, 'playbooks'))
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 541, in check_call
    raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['ansible-playbook', '-c', 'local', 'pro                                                                                        duction/install.yml', '-e', '@/tmp/extra_vars.json', '--become', '--become-user=                                                                                        frappe']' returned non-zero exit status 2

Any idea?

Ruchin Sharma

Hi @ruchin78 ,

try to wkhtmltopdf install manually.

After installing wkhtmltopdf manually, I am getting the same error again.

Interesting part is why it is happening like this.


I try to install wkhtmltopdf manually but it not working