Not able to install frappe version 15

Hello everyone,

I am trying to install version 14 but it’s giving me this error, though the yarn is installed.

Hi @Foram

You can see node error mentioned right there in the error … you have 16.20.2 !!!

You need minimum node version 18 to Frappe V15. Install that first along with yarn

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The node version is already greater than 18.


you may refer this tutorial…
it is an installation on a Virtual machine running on freshly installed ubuntu server 22.04 LTS…

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You have node v18 installed, but the default is 16 that is why you got the error.

nvm alias default 18.18.2

If you don’t have nvm, do the following

  1. sudo apt install curl
  2. curl | bash
  3. source ~/.bashrc

Then try install frappe-bench

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