Not able to make Purchase Order directly from Sales Order

I am trying to make Purchase order directly from sales order. But I am not able to do so. No supplier is visible

Which version of ERPNext and Frappe are you on?

ERPNext: v12.0.5 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.0.5 (version-12)

Hi I have the same issue, did you get any solution?
I have created material request from SO then I can create PO from materials requests. But I don’t need this workflow. As material request is not required for the buying process.



You can directly make a PO from SO through the create button as shown below:

Hope this helps!

Using the same option ‘Purchase Order’, the issue screenshot I have shared is after clicking ‘Purchase Order’

Hi I am able to create the PO from SO, I fixed it by setting default supplier for the item, but if there is no default supplier, the result might be same, and that need to be addressed.

Hello, you can still proceed if there is no default supplier set… Could you please share a screenshot of the issue?

I am also getting the same issue .
Is there any solution ?

SO to PO is used to create drop shipment. You have to select Supplier and mark it as drop shipping at item level in Sales Order.

You need to select a supplier. Just click on the “Create Purchase Order” button to proceed. If it still doesn’t allow you to proceed, then expand the item rows, and set the supplier there.

Hope this helps.

yes it works. in item details I need to select the supplier.
then it works.

Thank you.


I created two users,

userone ( customer )
allow modules
allow user roles
purchase master manager
purchase user
purchase manager

usertwo ( supplier )
allow modules
allow user roles
sales master manager
sales user
sales manager

I put a purchase order from userone, in here I set usertwo as the supplier.
when I log into usertwo( supplier ) account, I cant see already make purchase order.
what is the reason?

Thank you,