Not able to prepare salary slip

when i am processing salary slip, it shows- “No active or default Salary Structure found for employee 101 for the given dates.”

already created salary structure for the employee id.


Is Active Status of Salary structure created for this employee should be “Yes” . Please check and correct.


Prakash H

it is chosen as “YES”

what about the date’s… From Date and To Date…
do we have to mention month or year…?

You might have input incorrect dates. Make sure the salary structures dates includes the salary month.
Basically, it applies to the range of dates you set here.

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Tried with the same. Still it is not working. Is there any other option. It is showing error message now.

Hi @ashin,

Can you share the date details of the salary structure and employee joining date detail??

employee joining date- 08-06-2016
salary structure- 08-06-2016 to 20-03-2017

still i am facing issue…
pl help me .

dear all… thanks for help…
i had sort it out.
just removed email id from the page employee details (HR>EMPLOYEE>“(NAME)”)