Not able to see parent company in any doctype

I was trying to add some user permission for a user. Company hierarchy is like this : Parent A ->child 1, child 2. and i’ve added user permission for this user to all company and selected Apply for all document. Now if i come in company i can see Child 1, Child 2 but i’m not able to see Parent A company. and it is same as this in all company linked fields.

I want to see Parent A company as well as Child. How it is possible ??? Why it is happening so ?? Please guide me to resolve this issue.

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Can you give a screenshot for better understanding…if u give a link field for company it will show all the companies in list

@Jenisha Thanks for your reply. I’m attaching the ss here:

  1. Company tree :

From here you can see parent Provider Company A and child Dealer Company 1


  1. Assigned user permission for companies both Parent and Child for that user

  1. But if i came in Company Doctype, i can see only Child (Dealer Company 1):

Why it is showing like that ? Ideally both companies should be visible right ?

Yes, both companies will be visible, i have tested in local its visible. Check once in role permission manager.

it is not for me. anything missing??