Not able to see todo list after upgrade from version-13 to version-15

I am not able to see todo list while I feel I am able to create a todo list but I am not able to see the list. Before upgrade to version-15 I was able to see the todo list properly or shows me home page details.
/frappe-bench/apps$ bench version

builder 1.4.0
education 15.0.0
erpnext 15.18.3
frappe 15.19.0
hrms 15.15.0
lms 1.0.0

Please guide me on how to get this fixed locally without change the frappe erpnext branch

Hi @rahulmr,

If the workspace made a name like todo then remove it. If haven’t migrate the site then migrate the site and build the app (bench build --force).

Thank You!