Not able to Update to latest ERPNext Version 12.16.2

Hi ,

I have erpnext with version 12.15.0. I want to update it to the latest release version which is 12.16.2. For this i give the following command
sudo bench update
However it is not updating. It exits after saying the backing up the sites.

Anything I am missing?


We’ll need a lot more detail than that to help you. For starters, you should post the exact terminal output you get. Also, is there a reason you’re using executing bench update as a superuser? That’s not generally required or desirable.

Hi @peterg. Please find the below screenshot of the terminal

I am aware of that approach executing bench update as a superuser.
Is there any other way to update the frappe and erpnext?


Hi Saravana,

Try doing bench update --reset, whenever you are executing this command it removes all the changes that you done with the core. So be caution about this before proceeding.


Hi @ARUN_KUMAR, i tried that as well. No improvement. It is still the same.