Not allowed to change DocType after submit

I need change a document what are submited, how can i do this?
“Not allowed to change Parcelas after submission”
Parcelas is the document.


There is an Allow Update after submit check box in each field of the document. Just check that.

And has some function to ignore that?
doctype.flags.allow_guest = True

Did not understand.

As @Ben_Cornwell_Mott suggested, if you set “Allow on Submit” property for the field you want to update after submit, the field will be editable. You can set that from Customize Form.

the default procedure however would be to cancel the submitted doc and then use the Amend functionality, which keeps the original doc in canceled status for reference and adds an amended version of it.

Like this you have a record that the original submitted doc got changed.

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Now i understand that, thanks a lot!

hey, i can’t find “Allow Update after submit check box”,anyone know where it is