Not allowed to change Total Leaves Allocated after submission

Sometimes we need to adjust the leave allocation (add more or reduce) after the allocation. The “new leave allocated” field is editable in the Leave Allocation document after we submit the allocation. However, when we try to put in the change and try to update it, the system says “Not allowed to change Total Leaves Allocated after submission”. How can we change the leave allocation after we have submitted the allocation?

-You can not “Update” Leaves after submitting Allocation form.(In ERP , submitted record can’t be update)

  • if you want to “Update”, then first cancel that record,then Amend it and then Update.
  • save and submit form.
    -Suppose you have allocate leaves to XYZ employee and those leaves approved by approver then you can’t cancel it.
  • But if you allocating new leaves to employee until that leave not approved by approver then you can easily cancel, Amend it , and update new.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Occasionally We need to adjust the leave allocated to employees and this will give us big headache as well will have to cancel the approved leave (there might be a lot) and it is not acceptable to the users.

Is there anyway that I can modify the restriction?

Hi Yan,

Did you try creating a new Leave Allocation for the additional leaves?


Tried. It won’t work. It complains there is already an allocation for the user with the same leave type. Or simply freeze.

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You want to add an issue to GitHub for this?

Was the issue created in Git for this?


I found this link in github

From the update from rmehta, it appears the constraint was removed for v5.

I’m on v13, and the constraint is still in place.