Not allowed to update Shipping address in Sales Invoice

How can i update shipping address in sales invoice without cancel and amend?

… so far not at all! Since a submitted receipt especially an invoice is a financial statement that needs to be accurate - at least here in Germany it is best practice to simply return and amend it… dont know what your tax officers would say if they find inconsistencies.
if it needs to be you could maybe …
well lets go down that road… What is your use case other then correcting a mistake?
If you are the only one that writes invoices in your Company or use case and hence know what you are doing you could amend the DocType Sales Invoice by unchecking read only in the status field. then make it viewable in the form and hence change the status back to draft I think then you might be able to change anything again… but beware … a submitted invoice does make a booking entry so if you change anything with the Price things might get very screwy - As stated before… just return it cancel and amend it - job done

Also did you not do a Delivery Note before?

There is no way to update submitted transactions like orders, invoices unless you cancel them. As spa said, if you try to customize it, there can be errors with your accounting entries.

It would be best to leave the invoice in the draft state if all the required details are not present at the time. If payment has to be taken, you can take it against a sales order as well, or simply hide the “Draft” from the print format if that’s the case.