Not being able to import excel data / file

I am trying to import excel file . but getting error : File {u’file_name’: u’/private/files/Accoun.xlsx’} not found
The resource you are looking for is not available

The file has been uploaded properly and is there in ‘bench-folder/sites/site-name/private/files/’ but i am getting this error. Not being able to import anything. Please help.

Thanking you in advance :smile:

Possibly just a typo error?

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No it’s not a typo error. The error is being shown while importing the file . I don’t have to type anything. I select a file for import on client side. It does some processing and shows error : File {u’file_name’: u’/private/files/’} not found
The resource you are looking for is not available.

When I check my server the file is always there at ‘/private/files’ directory.

Does the user have permissions to access the import module/resource?

Dear Trentmu , thanks for your reply. I am trying with ‘administrator’ user. I am really stuck

Make sure the file you are uploading is not readonly.

2nd you can try csv file instead of xlsx usually csv works much batter

Thanks , I’ll try that

Thanks Adnan . csv file did the trick . Thanks again :smile: