Not clear on 'Process Attendance After' & 'Last Sync of Checkin' in Shift Type

I have gone through all points related to this point in our discuss-forum. But unfortunately, I am unable to understand what & how it should be done to bring the attendance under the mark of ‘Auto attendance’ process.

Can anyone please explain what should be entered at ‘Process Attendance After’ & ‘Last Sync of Checkin’ fields in Shift Type before starting the payroll process?

Every steps those are required for making the Auto Attendance are being done:

  • Shit Type
  • Assign shit type to employee
  • Employee checkin document (punches are available from 01/01/2020 @9am to 30/01/2020 @6pm for all employees)
  • The payroll entry is made for this period. But, when I do ‘Create Salary Slips’ the message says that ‘Cannot submit, Employees lift to mark attendance’ (I have completed ‘Mark Auto Attendance’ in Shit type)