Not enough stock for production order

When I create a production order and click start it will create a new stock entry for a Material Transfer for Manufacture. If I click submit but not enough stock is available I get a error/note saying I don’t have enough stock in my warehouse. Does the system have a way to create a linked/associated Material Request for the missing items to the Stock Entry or Production order? Or do I have to do it manually?

Hi @Nathan,

  • You can create either Purchase receipt OR Material Receipt for that missing items
  • Then you can create stock entry for a Material Transfer for Manufacture.

Hi @shraddha, thanks for your reply. Sorry, I should have mentioned that not enough stock is correct. So a material request to create do a purchase should be the next step. But it seems like I have to do that manually? and that the purchase order or material request is not associated with the production order?

Yes ,You need to create first ‘material request’ manually. (link that material request in production form)
-On production form, select that “Material Request”.

  • submit production order
  • Then make purchase order against that ‘Material Request’
  • Make Purchase receipt against that PO
  • then start your Production order

that sounds a little backwards especially if the production order is created from a sales order.

a normal business operations would be:

  1. create new sales order
  2. if enough stock then do a delivery note else if not enough stock then create production order
  3. if enough raw material then start production order else if not enough raw material then create a purchase order

I can accept how erpNext has material request in between some of the steps but what you just described is different. can you explain?

Granted that I have a LOT to learn about ERPNext, but I agree with Nathan on the way the process should work. Sales order or manual production order (build to inventory) should drive a stock check, which then drives production orders for missing stock, and ultimately purchase orders to supply those production orders. Everything should be driven from the top down.

If I understand the process that Shraddha described, the initial Sales/Production order merely lets you know what you need to do manually, sort of from the bottom up. I evidently need to go read some more documentation…