Not founding Links and Actions Section Within doctype

according to the documentation within each doctype there are two section: Actions And Links that allow to add actions button and dashboard link to the document but i am not finding those section. I am logged as Administrator and in dev mode

I am also not able to find this anywhere. I am using
ERPNext: v12.9.4 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.6.2 (version-12)
I can see in this video it is supposed to exist.

look at 4:01

Thank you for reporting this -

Like you I could not find these sections in a current v12.9 production instance.

But they do appear in v12.x.x (the development version branch) for example here in the Quality Feedback doctype

So unless some setting somewhere must be enabled for these to appear in v12, perhaps we have to wait for the v13 release?