Not Getting Email from Sales Invoice

Hello !!

I have configured Email all settings. Email sending works fine when I add a new user. but email is not working while sending emails from the sales invoice.

Even, I am not getting any errors.

Did you try sending email via other DocTypes? Or is the issue only in the sales invoice? Also, could you share more info such as screenshots or traceback if any error?

Also check queue and see if the status of the emails…

Yes, I tried sending an email from the quotation, Sales Order but the Email is not received by the recipient.

I have checked the Email Queue. There are many emails that have status not sent and the Error section is empty, there is no error.

I have attached a screenshot of the Email Queue.

I am facing this issue for 2-3 days, before that All are working fine.



I tried to send from Email Queue. It works. It sent email.