Not getting full_name of logged in user in webform

using frappe.session.user will only give emailid of the logged in user but I want full_name and username also. Is there any function for that in frappe


You can get the full name using frappe.session.user_fullname

its not working

Sorry, I may have misunderstood you. A little more information…

If you are trying to get that data through js in the web form, you can try this:

frappe.ready(function () {
	// Get the ID of the current user
	var user_id = frappe.session.user;

	// Call Frappe's API to get user details{
		method: 'frappe.client.get',
		args: {
			doctype: 'User',
			name: user_id
		callback: function (data) {
			if (data.message) {
				// Extract the user's full name from the full_name field and the user's username from the username field.
				var full_name = data.message.full_name;
				var user_name = data.message.username;

				// Display the user's full name in the console
				console.log("User name of user:", user_name);
				console.log("Full name of user:", full_name);



Thank you