Not Loading Components using TabBreak in V14 Beta3/4

While using the TabBreak field type, the tabs component does not become visible most of the time but when we click Ctrl+Shift+R it refreshes. Most of the time, The First Tab i.e. Details Tab does not refresh. Very strange behaviour, We failed to understand its reasons. As components start visible, on Ctrl+Shift+R.

Request expert members to give us hints to identify the issue to resolve it.

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We get the solution with the help of @NCP How to refresh a doctype once a doctype loaded](How to refresh a doctype once a doctype loaded)

This is a dirty solution till we get this issue fixed properly @NCP

Issue has been solved as per link fix(ux): Add tabs in Item by rmehta · Pull Request #31284 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub