Not permitted error when click on module


Anyone have idea about not permitted error when click on Module icon.

I got not permitted error for user when user click on any module. I also found the function form which these error raise. If i comment those function then it works perfect.

And the problem raise just because of report sections. Also i have checked all report section permission but it’s perfect.

if i comment this below line from then it works perfect and I don’t got any error.

Comment Line : add_section(data, _(“Custom Reports”), “icon-list-alt”,

when i see get_report_list function for that user then i got no results for that user. But if i logged in using a Administrative then i got custom reports list in result.

So please resolve this issue for user who are not Administrative.

Thanks & Regards,
Harsh Mehta

Hi All,

I have resolved this problem.

@Harsh_Mehta If possible share steps or details on what you did to resolve the issue, so that it will be helpful for future reference for other community members, if they encounter similar situation. Thanks

Hi yashodhan,

I have just debugging though steps from which actual function called and i found this below line not allowed me to go through any module.

Line : add_section(data, _(“Custom Reports”), “icon-list-alt”,

So I check all permissions related to report section and i found there were something problems for report sections. So i firstly resolved that and after that i go through that function and i found all my reports and error was resolved.

Also i found one big bug and i posted for the same on github but rmehta closed this issue without resolved. Below is the module access bug.

Now i am working on module access checkbox problem. As in erpnext when you checked multiple module access for user and save data for that user and after that if you see your module access permission then you will lost your data. Check at your end so currently i am working on this issue. If you have any idea regarding this then help me regarding this,