Not permitted field in custom doctype to any user except for Administrator

I’m facing issue with permissions to fill the data in custom DocType. Permission is properly set to users but only Administrator fill the data in that document.
I have also ticked Ignore permission for all the fields and tables.
Explanations : After selecting “Item Code” list of data in “item process table” of that particular “item code” will listed. But as soon as I select “item code” this error pops up for users but not administrator.


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if “frappe.db.get_all” is used data is not at all fetching. There is some permission issue. It is only not allowing for ‘users’ but works fine with ‘Administrator’.
And also it was working fine in version13

‘frappe.db.get_list’ is not allowing to fetch details from child table of the doctype except for Administrator. Is there any method via script that permission is passed to certain user roles?

Thanks in advance.

check whether that user’s role has access to that doctype. frappe.db.get_all should work if the user has access to that doctype

Thank you very much for the support
Checked ignore permission on all fields and also granted user role permissions also.
It is not even loading for administrator also.